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About Us

Sierra Business Service is a full service, family run tax preparation and bookkeeping firm. We are committed to providing close, personal attention to our clients, whom we view as extended family. We take pride in giving you personal assitance that comes rom years of advanced training and technical experience.


The elder of the two Georges. He has a bunch of experience and can probably help you in just about any tax situation. Since he is the oldest, he has the most clout and he is the boss of the little tax preparation ring we have going. Although he exhibits a strange fondness for sweater vests, he show no other signs of dementia; and he does know the tax codes.

George "Bill" Marquardt, EA:  
The kid, the new guy, Junior...whatever you want to call him, this young up and coming accountant is ready to do your taxes or bookkeeping. Not quite as old as that other George, but the family resmblance is remarkable, just without the sweater vest.
It's hard to tell by the way they look, but these guys are really knowlegable when it comes to matters involving taxes and bookkeeping -- just don't ask them for fashion advice.


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